Tennis Circus interviews Irina Falconi, Wta’s n° 75

Tennis Circus interviews Irina Falconi, Wta’s n° 75

di Antonio Pagliuso, @AntoPagliu

Our interview to Irina Falconi, American tennis player, n° 75 of the Women’s Tennis Association ranking.

What is your favorite opponent you have played with so far?

Martina Hingis. She ended up beating me in a World Team Tennis match and after the match she said “Wow! I felt like I was playing myself”. It was the best compliment ever.

What tennis player did inspire you when you was younger?

I love Steffi Graf. Both my sister and I played and we loved to watch her. We got to hit with her and Jimmy Connors one day in Central Park , New York and we loved her even more after that.

Irina Falconi Irina Falconi

What is your favorite tournament?

My favorite tournament is a tough one because if it’s by result, then it’s the U.S. Open, but Paris is my favorite city in the world so French Open is also fantastic. Birmingham is also great because they have a pool table. So if there’s a pool table in any tournament , I am happy.

An adjective to describe Serena Williams?

She’s the most competitive fighter ever. Legend. Champion. No adjectives, just nouns. (laugh)

An adjective to describe yourself?

I would say ambitious.

We noticed you use to share food pics on your Twitter: do you like Italian food?

Italian food is fantastic. I went to Rome for the first time this year and I loved the food! The pasta is out of this world.

Now you are number 75 in the world, very close to your best ranking. What is your next goal? Break into the top 50?
Absolutely. I think that top 50 is a great ranking goal but at the end of the day, I want to stay healthy and continue loving the sport.

Antonio Pagliuso


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